A journey is best experienced together! Get to know me and my research better by listening to or watching a few of my talks. In addition, you will also find information about upcoming conferences and meetings in 2023 that I will be attending.

Meetings and conferences in 2023

Esther Inglis (1571–1624), Self-portrait from the manuscript Cinquante octonaires sur la va [sic] vanite et inconstance du mo

Conference: Early Modern Women on Politics and Ethics (International Conference)

Date and Location: October 5-7, 2023: The University of Gothenburg, Sweden

Lecture Titel: The symbiosis of education, ethics and politics according to Cathrine Macaulay

The National Pedagogical Museum and the Library of J. A. Comenius Prague, Valdštejnská 20, Prague 1

Coming soon: Conference of the Institute of History of the Czech Academy of Sciences (under construction)

Past conference and meeting contributions

„Pedagogy without Women”

48th Annual Meeting of the "Social Science History Association".
Chicago, USA October 2022.
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„Hannah Arendt and the most elementary and necessary activity of human beings - education“

13th International Conference for Theory and Practice in Education.

Budapest, Hungary 2021.
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"Female Ideals of Thougt and Education: A historically necessary review” 

International Conference on Systems Thinking for Women’s Empowerment: Advancing Women’s Empowerment through Systems Model Expansion: AWESOME.
India 2022.
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„Pädagogisierung, Fachmensch(en) ohne Geist? - Ein notwendiger Dreiklang von Ethik, Politik und Ökonomie“ 

Internationale Konferenz, Pädagogisierung in der Identitätsbildung und Professionalisierung: die Rolle der Wissenschaft, Wissensvermittlung, Bildung und Sozialfürsorge.
Prag, June 2022.
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Bayerischer Rundfunk: Kinderrechte und Kindersoldaten; ausgestrahlt im zweiten Hörfunkprogramm, 2022.

A talk with Elsbeth Bräuer in the Bayerischer Rundfunk.